Easy to Grow Flowers for Beginners

Every gardener dreams about growing beautiful flowers in their garden and show off their work to their friends, neighbors and social media followers. For beginners, growing flowers could be a daunting task. However, if you follow our advice and plant these easy to grow flowers, you will not only be rewarded but will also learn flower-growing more quickly. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful but easy to grow flowers that beginner gardeners can feel proud of. 


Though sunflowers have a tendency to grow very tall, they do not ask for much care. Plant them anywhere in your garden or in your backyard, and they will grow easily. They are also good for pots. You get different varieties of sunflowers, right from bright yellow to chocolaty-brown. The sizes and colors vary too. If your home receives a lot of sunlight, sunflower should be your first choice. 


If you are looking to create a beautiful garden of flowers in almost every color without bringing too many types of flowers home, just choose Zinnia. The flowers are attractive and look like brighter versions of daisies or dahlias. You will find them in all colors except blue. You can easily plant them with seeds as well. Just make sure that you provide each plant enough air circulation so that they remain free from diseases. 


The sunny areas in your garden will look more attractive if your plant marigold there. You will find bright American varieties and exotic African varieties too. Marigold plants will usually grow 3 to 5 feet tall. If you want to plant them in pots, you will easily find shorter varieties as well. Some marigolds will start flowering before they are one foot tall. The gold, red and yellow shades of marigold give your home a very bright and cheerful appearance. 


In spaces where you don’t get very bright sunlight or at times when the temperature remains low, you should opt for pansies. These flowers are great for both fall and spring but ensure that you mulch them properly. You should always plant them in well-drained soils and provide them a little sunlight too. Partly shady areas or spaces which get indirect sunlight are great. 

As spring is just around the corner, you can plant one or all of these flowers in your garden. They are good for both pots and direct soil planting. 

Here is what to ensure while planting any flowers-

  • Make sure you clean your pet or flower bed of dead or decaying plant matter completely before planting new seeds. Often, decaying plant matter could cause problems in the seed’s development and may even lead to diseases. 
  • With flowers, always ensure that you keep the potting soil well drained.
  • Try never to let the soil dry too much. Flowers generally need significant watering while growing up. 
  • Keep removing dead flowers from the plant, so fresh flowers keep coming up. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get started now.