Learning the Basics of Permaculture

Gardeners around the world are waking up to the possibility of permaculture, a simpler and sustainable way to produce food without exhausting natural resources. Though even some experts have problems in explaining the full context of permaculture, we would like to give you a brief overview of what it is all about. 

Permaculture ethics

Permaculture is based on three main rules of ethics, namely-

Care for the earth

Care for the people

Fair share

Basically, permaculture allows us to build a human habitat and planting space in such a way that they make the maximum utilization of resources without wastage. Everything that is taken from the earth is returned to earth and its people. It works like a system where all the elements of nature come together to create a little paradise. The best thing about permaculture is that as long as you stay true to the basics, you can do whatever you like. This is why no permaculture gardens are so unique and completely different from others. You have to make sure how water moves around in the area, what kind of elevation and slope you get, what is the geography and weather of the area like and so on. 

A lot of people involved in this movement own land but many others are working on public lands or creating their permaculture food forest in their backyard. You just have to make sure that you are using the available resources well and giving back to earth. You can create different zones in your garden, depending on the topography of the region, sun and water requirements of the plants and so on. Many gardeners who have more space also like to keep animals on their farm to ensure that their garden never falls short of organic compost material and they create a more sustainable space. Chickens are great for you as they work really hard in your garden and also produce eggs. 

The challenges of permaculture

If permaculture is so cool, why isn’t everyone doing it? Your question is logical, but it has a simple answer. Creating a permaculture food forest is not like planting a few beans and cucumbers here and there in your garden. Sometimes, it takes years for some crops and trees to fully grow and give you the garden you have been looking for. Depending on the area you live, the capital requirement could be too high, and you may have to use significant effort and resources to make the garden come alive. 

Permaculture is not just a different way to plant trees and plants in your garden- it is a lifestyle that allows people to move away from maddening materialism and choose a saner, earth-friendly path. You too can learn about permaculture online and start using some of their principles in your own backyard garden. This will help you in keeping your garden sustainable and creating long term food forests- imagine growing heirloom tomatoes year after year or growing a specific variety of apples. This uniqueness will definitely be appreciated by people around you.