Organising Your Kitchen Smartly

Kitchens, in general, speak a lot about their owners.  Typically, an organized and coordinated kitchen will make your guests feel comfortable. Your kitchen is an essential aspect of family life, and it should always remain in top condition. Avoid clutter by practicing and enhancing the below-mentioned tips. 

Coffee mugs

We cannot imagine a kitchen without our lovely coffee and tea mugs. You are bound to have a stack of cups for social functions even if you don’t need them. Generally, they are always lying here and there for not having an appropriate place to sit.

To keep these mismatched mugs managed you must throw the ones you do not use. In a smaller kitchen, it is better to use a shelf or the wall to keep them inside a beautiful display. You can create your mini coffee bar with sugar and creamer on top and mugs placed face down in the bottom shelf. People in love with wooden displays must go a delicate looking coffee shelf. 

Drawers, Countertops and Cabinets

Let’s face it; we all have disorganized drawers and cabinets. You cannot find dishes easily when things have been tucked in the drawers mercilessly. Moreover, it becomes irritating when there are guests in the house, and you are time-bound. You also need to consider kitchen countertops. This is something lots of people forget however it’s an important decision. If you’re not sure where to start, visit a website like, to learn more.

The solution begins with proper placements of pots and pans with everything lying outside them. Experts’ advice to use pull-out shelves as they eliminate the need for clanging and digging to find a specific dish. 

You can also go for a cleaner look with pot racks or any other option that provides your kitchen with a modern touch. 


A fridge is probably the least cared for item in the kitchen. You can smell a mix of various packed foods and have a view of the mess created by leaking juices. There is no denying that keeping the fridge clean requires regular cleanings. If you do not take responsibility for your refrigerator, then it will become a breeding ground for germs in a matter of days. Everything you store will get contaminated without the slightest hint. 

Make sure you cleanse the fridge weekly and with time there will be a drastic change in your fridge’s hygiene. 


The spot under the sink is a warehouse for random stuff. The place is often overlooked especially in cleaning drives. We recommend you to install baskets or pull-out drawers in this space. Not only will it attract continuous attention but will also help to take out things without extensive stretching. Do not overcrowd the area or your sink area will resemble a mayhem.


There are numerous storage options for spices. However, their arrangement is a hectic task. As of now, wall mounted spice racks are in trend as they provide an elegant and modern look to the kitchen. Nonetheless, drawers are not a bad idea to put spices, but it takes away the charm created by racks.

Kitchens are a complex eco-system driven by your creativity and presence of mind. Make sure that you create something that compliments your personality. Accept the challenge to design a kitchen worthy of your existence.