Lighten Up Your Home with The Latest Lighting Trends

Change in the light fixtures can easily redefine a room and give it a whole new personality. Spring is the perfect time to buy new lights and renovate your home aesthetically. Of course, when looking to change your light fixtures you must always hire a professional to ensure any new electrical work is safe. If you’re looking for a reputable electrician, you could visit Your Home Electrician or somewhere similar. When it comes to safety, an electrician with experience is a must, and you get the added benefit of a beautiful result too! Check out the types of light available right now and choose the one that improves the symmetry and grace of your rooms.

Lights with eco-friendly designs

Amidst the universal drive towards environment protection, some companies have come up with lights that reduce the user’s carbon footprint. These bulbs are energy saving, cost saving, beautiful and most importantly eco-friendly.

Consider the use of drum pendants that are designed with the latest LED technology as well as sound absorption capabilities, in a way providing two solutions at once! This could improve lighting efficiency, adjust noise levels throughout the room, and also add a touch of modern aesthetic.

The idea of using recycled material for producing bulbs has been appreciated by numerous people concerned about our planet’s rising temperature. To make things look even better, you can complement these lights with boho vibes and greenery.

You can also use an older light fixture to create a unique look yet they can be a little harmful if not in proper working condition. You may wish to contact a Kalahari Electrical Services electrician in Alpharetta for more guidance on what kind of lights should be avoided.

Industrial style lighting

If you are not fond of natural looking setups, then industrial style lighting will be your best option. The trend has also been called statement lighting which ruled the entire 2018. These lighting fixtures are a contrast to typical lights, and they come for unexpected places too.

It all started with hanging lights used for outside decorations. Today, large industrial lights have changed the way lights were mainly used in cafes, hotels and seating areas. It is possible that we would see new design inventions before the trend becomes stale.

Lights made of natural material

The eco-friendly light fixture trend is quickly catching on these days. Keeping up with the tradition, we also have light fixtures made out of natural material. Initially used by unique travel destinations, wooden artwork around the bulbs/lamps has now become desirable. These options are becoming more acceptable due to their simple designs and substantial impact on their surroundings.

Again, these lights are a symbol of peace and serenity, something people relate with high-class panache.

Metallic finish lights

Metallic finish lights have been associated with minimalism which is a major trend in itself. Metallic finish lights work well with the majority of rooms thanks to their low-key designs. We recommend you to buy brass, chrome or gold light fixtures as they will add a beautiful touch to the surroundings without looking overwhelming.

Chrome light fixtures can be used in any room while gold and brass are more suited for bedrooms and living rooms. Try these lightings if you want to add richness to your rooms.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting has been a classic among lighting trends. Not only does it illuminate essential parts of the room but also hides places that do not demand attention. This setting is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms as it provides coziness and adds some drama to the surroundings. Moreover, accent lighting is not harsh to the eyes which communicates elegance and purity.

Lighting seems to be constantly upgrading and changing along with its functionality and aesthetics. Trained electricians (like, can help assess your current lighting and recommend on the new lighting options for your home. In America, homeowners are spending nothing less than $177 to $328 to improve their home’s lighting. Search for the lights that suit your personality and start making changes to your home now.