Summer Vegetables for Your Garden

Summer is just around the corner, and you need to bring a new life to your garden. As some of the ornamental plants are dying down, you should think about planting some fresh summer vegetables to your garden. Here are some great options for you to choose from. 


Nothing grows like beans, just plant them anywhere in your garden where this plant can get ample sunlight and water. Beans grow like vines, so you will be better off creating a trellis for the vines. Beans grow very easily and will be ready to harvest in 40 to 60 days. Add the beans you grew to salads or roast them with potatoes for a perfect side dish. 


Who doesn’t like cucumbers? They are cooling and have good water content, making them an ideal summer veggie. Cucumbers grow like vines so you should build a trellis for them. Depending on the variety of cucumber you have chosen, it can take up to 60 days to mature. Slicing cucumbers may even need up to 75 days. 


Eggplants are great for a late spring planting. In fact, as soon as the weather in your area starts getting sufficiently hot, you should plant them, it would be better to grow them from seedlings if summer is not too hot in your area. Others can start with seeds. The crop will require 60 to 80 days to get ready to produce. 


The succulent, bright and juicy tomatoes are relatively low maintenance plants. You can plant them during warmer times of the year, and they will be ready to produce in about 60 days. Depending on the variety of tomatoes, the plant could be about 2 feet tall. The color, taste, and size of the tomatoes will depend largely on the seeds but will also be influenced by the amount of sun and water your plant gets. 


Baby carrots are great for snacking, and fully-grown carrots are good for baking and roasting. Depending on how you like to cook, choose a variety of carrot and sprinkle the little seeds on the soil. Make sure that you leave some space between each seed as carrots could easily form clusters which could lead to debilitating growth of the plant. They take about 120 to 150 days to reach full maturity and get ready to harvest. 


A classic summer favorite, corn is rather easy to grow crop if you have enough space. These plants grow really tall, so make sure you have a dedicated area in your garden to plant them. Corns take only 60 to 95 days to reach maturity. 


If you like to add some flavor and spice to your dishes, don’t forget to grow some peppers in your backyard. They are easy to grow and can be planted during spring. You will keep getting a fresh batch of peppers all through the summer if you plant them in spring. Peppers grow the best from seedlings, but if you want, you can grow them directly from seeds. 

Its time you brought all the seeds and seedlings of the plants mentioned above and introduced them to your garden. Hurry up! Time is of the essence.