Taking Care of Leather Furniture

Leather furniture always looks elite and fantastic, but it also requires high maintenance. Many people have lost their perfect looking leather furniture due to lack of knowledge about its upkeep. Here, we will be guiding you towards saving your expensive leather products.

Cleaning it up

  • Use soap and water

Soap and water are pretty good at fighting mild stains on your leather sofas. To start with, you can take a clean and damp cloth soaked in warm soapy water. The washcloth then can be used to wipe away stains accordingly. However, a darker stain will need special attention. You can use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol but not apply the alcohol directly on the stain.

  • Let it dry

You can then apply a dry cloth as another level of cleaning. It is advised to leave the spot overnight for best results.

  • Use leather cream

Afterward, you can apply suitable leather cream to re-moisturize the material using a clean cloth. Just like a shoe, the more you buff, the better the shine will be. The same products can be applied to any leather product that you’re cleaning, such as a wallet or shoe (learn more about this at Shield Collaborative).

  • Evaluate the leather quality

As per our experts, Aniline-dyed leather furniture is better as the entire material soaks the dye which enhances durability and the material’s refinement. You can choose between semi-aniline and full-aniline leather. People who will heavily use their furniture must stick with semi-aniline leather while others can go with high-quality full-aniline leather.

  • Seek professional help

In case DIY does not work, you should contact a leather care shop or, more ideally, a leather sofa cleaning service. This is because they may not only have the necessary expertise but also have access to the required tools and cleaning agents. Experts believe that you should never allow a local cleaner to wash your leathered item even if they claim to handle leather and suede. Generally, their cleaning process cannot be trusted, and the damage cannot be reversed either. So, your best bet would be a professional cleaner.

  • Examine room layout

Lack of moisture and extreme temperatures are the worst enemies of leather furniture. Do not place your furniture right beside a radiator, under the air-conditioner or the fireplace. These places will quickly dry the leather and result in extreme cracks. You must also save leather from direct sunlight like glass doors and windows. Not only that, you would have to keep an eye on the upholstery as well. So, find professional cleaners (to know more, check Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne) who could help you in maintaining your upholstery.

  • Keep pets away

Generally, cats and dogs are keen on using leather as a scratching post which will destroy your furniture one day at a time. It is by far the top reason for ruined leather furniture.

  • Keep it moisturized

Typically, we advise people to use a treatment made for distressed areas as per their leather type. These products can remove smooth scratches instantly. It is better to use a light hand and a small amount of the liquid. Test a small area before using it throughout the furniture. Be more careful with colored leather as they tend to become darker with the use of any product.

  • Ask a pro

Apart from small damages, you must not try to fix more significant cuts and scratches. If you find yourself unable to fix any damage, you may want to get in touch with professionals similar to the ones at Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning services who might probably make use of specific tools to fix bigger issues.

Do you think that spending all this time, effort and money on maintaining leather furniture is overwhelming? If yes, you should look for other upholstery materials in furniture. Leather is usually high maintenance and demands both time and patience.