6 Interior Design Styles Simply Explained

If you’re looking to change things up inside your home, researching various interior design trends is a great way to assemble some fresh interior design ideas.  Whether you have a small or large budget for your interior overhaul, you can always make your space more accommodating with the right vision.  

Take some time to start indexing a new collection of interior design ideas, and read through a brief look at some of the most popular design styles of the decade.  Follow one style, or mix elements to form a whole new interior design style.  

Mid-Century Modern 

Mid-Century Modern design style is inspired by the clean lines, simple silhouettes, and more natural shapes that were present in the mid-1900s furniture.  

The mid-1900s produced new ways to make furniture and with new materials.  Plastic, plywood, and aluminum were all added to the list of design materials in this era, creating an elegant and versatile interior design style.  

Contemporary Design 

Contemporary design dates back to the 1970s, and its signature involves sleek lines and simple shapes.  Contemporary design is always changing and evolving.  The look typically results in a casual environment.  

Create a cozy, open, and inviting look to your home’s interior with a contemporary design.  It’s common to mix and match contemporary design with modern design to create a complementary aesthetic.  

Nautical Inspiration

Nautical design is more commonly referred to as coastal design, and it typically involves the use of white sandy colors, seashells, anchors, and other coastal reminders.  Light blues are also great to add to the mix when you’re going for a beach house vibe.  

Use chic, white linens to keep the look fresh and light.  Find interesting showpieces for decoration like navigational maps, ages glass bottles, rowing oars, and tiny sailboats. 

Bohemian Design

If you live a more freestyle type of life, you may be interested in incorporating some bohemian decor and design into your home.  Bohemian design makes “messy” look stylish.  Bright hues of red or purple tones are good for setting the stage.  

Farmhouse Styles

Sometimes the warm and homey feeling of a farmhouse accent to your interior design is just what you’re seeking. Installing beautiful design features such as window shutters and barn-style doors can help you to really bring out the rustic vibes. When you mix that with a sense of warmth, you will find the true heart and soul of good farmhouse design. Use organic, aged woods and old farming equipment to accent your design.  

Shabby Chic 

Shabby chic is a mixture of vintage flea market and high-class aesthetics.  Most furniture used to achieve the shabby chic look will be aged, distressed, or sanded and accented with a milky paint color.  Use lots of flowing, colorful fabrics to dress the furniture, and find the perfect throw pillows for the room to create a shabby chic design.