Are cobwebs made by spiders? The answer is: Yes, they are! A cobweb is an old and dusty spider web made up of the remaining threads of an abandoned spider’s web. But when a spider migrates from that particular area to move into your apartment, the web turns dusty and a cobweb is formed. The dust on the cobwebs can be very irritating just as running into it can be highly annoying. Dust anywhere in the home is both irritating and potentially bad for your health. Many people choose to use air conditioning in their home to control dust particles and clean the indoor air around them (check out Service Legends / ac repair in Des Moines as one option of an AC service provider). Spiders however will always appear. But what’s a spider looking for in your house in the first place? Well, there is no dirty house without cobwebs or spider webs formed in it. It is very essential to clean your home on a weekly basis to keep cobwebs away. Our Company NW Maids Cleaning Service said , Dusting regularly is the best way to keep your house free of cobwebs and prevent spiders in your home. Having a cobweb-free-home is a sign of proper sanitation; a very clean house promotes good hygiene.

So how do you deal with cobwebs in your home? Here are a few tips:

  • Regular cleaning should be done in your home. Attack every corner of the house to knock down cobwebs trying to form. Do not only clean the inside of your home, rather make sure to clean the outside as well. When you don’t leave your house dusty and properly clean up weekly [if not daily], cobwebs will discourage spiders from hanging around your home.
  • Without getting too close, use the extension of your vacuum to suck out the webs. You can as well attach a long stick to the end of your broom and use it to bring down the webs. Since spiders like to hide in cool places [like inside shrubs and vegetables] you should tidy every corner of your house, the ceilings, window blinds, doors, Air Conditions, and every nooks and cranny. Ensure to dust these items because they can circulate air and can play a large role in spreading dust about the house. Also, make sure to clean the vacuum cleaner or broom after use.
  • Peppermint, lemon, or pest control should be sprayed in your home from time to time because it keeps not just spiders at bay, but also pesky insects. As soon as you have finished cleaning, spray some of these substances around because spiders detest such scents. Since it irritates them, they wouldn’t feel safe dwelling in the sprayed corners. If at all you’re allergic to these sprays, you could hire pest control experts from firms like James River Pest Solutions who could do the work for you.
  • Water is ideal to rid off the cobwebs hanging outside your home. Simply use an active water hose to bring it down. This will help you get to where vacuum or broom can’t reach and will remove cobwebs that may have built up on the outside of your home.
  • Give your home a professional treatment. Once in a while, bring in a professional pest control company, like Proactive Pest Control, to treat your home from bugs and other tiny insects. Spiders feed on these things so if they are driven out, they will find a new place in search of what to feed on.


If you are scared of or allergic to spiders, you can always employ someone to render you the service. A housecleaning service will handle this irritating job for you professionally. They will as well clean the inside and outside of your house, leaving you with a healthy and hygienic environment. Find examples at air conditioning Liverpool, now that you know the benefits.