Furniture Trends for 2021

As we look back on 2020, our homes have become more important than ever. Creating a multifunctional space that you can work, relax and entertain in is the goal for every homeowner, and in 2021, everyone will want to update their interior to ensure their space is one that brings them joy and comfort too.

From luxurious pieces to custom made furniture, here are some of the furniture trends for 2021 that we can expect to make their way into our homes next year.

Taking inspiration from nature

Featuring natural textures in your home helps to take the focus away from the modern appliances and technology that are now a household staple. Houses will feature more exposed brick and stone, while timber furniture will be favoured over man-made materials. Pairing timber furniture with other natural textures like wool and linen will help you to create warmth in your room while ceramics and concrete will help to elevate the space. The addition of indoor plants will also bring your nature-inspired furniture to life.

Little touches of luxe

While everybody wants to feel comfortable in their home, a touch of luxury goes a long way in transforming a room into a space that makes you feel good. Rather than embarking on a full-scale renovation, updating your furniture to include features like metallic finishes or rich leather will help to bring that sense of luxury without the price that comes with it. 

Vintage chic

A sense of nostalgia has brought back vintage furniture that might have sat unused in the basement back to the main living areas of the home. Vintage furniture has also been made popular due to its minimal environmental impact with many choosing to repurpose old pieces, and its superior quality. Paired with modern accessories, vintage furniture will look right at home in the interiors of homes in 2021.

Custom made

What better way to create a space you’ll love than by engaging a custom joinery company like Husk&Co. that can design, build and install furniture built specifically for your home. You’ll be able to fit out a room with furniture that compliments without needing to spend hours searching for the perfect piece. The expertise of a joiner means they’ll also be able to recommend materials and designs for space if you don’t know where to start.

Handcrafted accessories

As we dabbled in arts and crafts in 2020, it’s no surprise that these activities will make their way into homes in 2021. Knitted throws, macrame wall hangings and tie-dye pillows will feature among furniture, allowing homeowners to show off their skills and create unique decor items they can be proud of. Those that have dabbled in woodwork may want to display their handmade furniture pieces as well.

As you start deciding how you’ll be giving your home a makeover in 2021, remember to do lots of research before choosing your furniture, ensuring that it fits in with your lifestyle while still bringing you joy and adding value to your interior.