A Seasonal Pest Control Calendar to Pay Attention To

Pest control is one of the most frustrating parts of home maintenance, but it’s also a crucial component of making sure that your home is safe and happy. Depending on the season, you may have different pests to control in and around your home. Seasonal pest control is extremely important to pay attention to, because trying to reduce pests that aren’t even interested in the home can be expensive and not have any impact on pest infestations. Here’s your guide to pests around the calendar.

  • Spring

During the spring, you’re typically dealing with bugs that really enjoy being out and about in the wild, as many bugs use the springtime to start coming out from hibernation or from staying in their hives and homes. That means you’re likely to deal with ants, pantry moths, bees, fleas, ticks, and termites. Additionally, you can actually increase your pest problems; because you’re often going outside, you’re more likely to track bugs into your home.

  • Summer

During the summer, bugs are trying to find their way indoors to get out of the heat from outside. You might see wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, ants, silverfish, centipedes, and moles. The summer is a big time for bugs, so it’s a good idea to check for them in areas of shadow in and around your home. Plus, they’re also going to be looking for water anywhere they can find it, so reducing moisture in your home is paramount during this time.

  • Fall

The fall is when many bugs stop going out and about, which actually means you’re less likely to see many bugs during the fall. However, you might see pests that eat other bugs, like spiders. Crickets and flies are often likely to appear during the fall as well. Plus, these animals can easily create their own homes inside your home, which means they’re likely to create recurring infestations, especially if you’re not able to notice where they’re actually coming from.

  • Winter 

Pest issues in the wintertime typically have to do with these pests attempting to hide from the cold outside, like the reverse of the summer issues. During the winter, the pests that you experience may not be as centered around bugs. Rats and mice, for example, are common to find in your home during the winter. However, you may still find some bugs, like roaches and bed bugs, in your home during the winter, so it’s a good idea to invest into pest control.

How to Reduce Pests Year-Round

Reducing pests requires a variety of methods, which may include fixing cracks in your walls, adding rubber trim to doors and openings, and using dehumidifiers to reduce moisture. Plus, bait, pesticides, and traps are all useful ways to reduce pests as well. However, one of the best ways to fix recurring problems is to contact a foundation repair professional. That way, you can help prevent the methods through which bugs get into your home in the first place.