About me

Gardening is more than a hobby or a side-passion that is never fully utilized. More and more people are moving towards the idea of creating a backyard garden that elevates the overall health of their household. The thought is simple; you get the chance of growing vegetable and fruits in your yard while cleansing the air and utilizing your time in a productive and fulfilling endeavor.

Now, I have been in love with gardening since I first grew some flowers in my mom’s kitchen garden. My first experience with growing herbs is a rich experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Since then, I have never taken an off from gardening which has given me acute knowledge and experience over home gardening.

I must tell you about the time when I used to create and manage many terrace gardens throughout my locality. Not only have I personally built many gardens, but also I have met and worked with various individuals personally. Thus, creating a digital platform to serve the entire world was an obvious choice for me.

Again, it should be noticed that there are thousands of websites claiming to provide private information about different gardening practices. Do not fall for these hoaxes as there is simply no hidden secret behind gardening. It is a product of consistency, care and old school hard work.

As of now, I am in touch with hundreds of readers that are maintaining home gardens successfully. These people have taken time in understanding the core values of growing plants and have gradually mastered the art of gardening. Now, these people are teaching others in creating more gardens to live a healthy life.

Coming back to my journey, I created this website to get in touch with people who are in serious need of help. Initially, I couldn’t connect with a vast crowd, but gradually that changed, and now I am part of a community that grows each day. It is my honor to change lives through a few clicks on my computer.  However, you must not rush towards creating your garden.  Patience is one of the better things I’ve learned in life, and you must follow your heart but not without reasoning.

I have expertise in growing almost all the plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables you might get your hands on.  There have been times when I experimented with seeds from other nations. Some were lucky to sprout, but most of them suffered a natural death. Nonetheless, I have a grown as a gardener, and now I am fully capable of solving even the most difficult queries that you can possibly think off.

Reading my articles will help you create a garden that will be the proud prospect of your house. Remember, a great-looking garden will improve your home’s entire look, and an ill-managed garden can seriously hurt your image. Only go for gardening if you are fully prepared for the idea of growing and caring for plants 24×7. Imagine as if you are caring for a newborn who needs your constant love and attention until they reach the end of their life.

Don’t forget that gardening also brings out your creativity to a whole new level. It tests your capabilities, determination, and consistency. You must be in charge of your will to create something beautiful and maintain its charm for a long time. Moreover, gardening will help you use time in a productive manner rather than wasting it on movies and social networking platforms.  It also instills a sense of responsibility among us which can change the way a young child thinks and behaves.

All in all, gardening is more than just planting trees and watering them for the sake of a hobby. It is a lifestyle that calms and completes people especially if they are surrounded by anxiety and negativity. Gardening helps to cope with change in your surroundings and appreciate the inevitable cycle of life and death. 

Keep reading my articles and connect with me over any issue that might be bothering your growth. I am here to help and need your support to create a better and bigger website. Take out time to plant a single tree before going for an extravagant garden. You will get to know a lot about yourself as a gardener.