3 Ways To Protect Your Garden From Pests

After you’ve put so much time and attention into making your home garden as beautiful and flourishing as it can be, the last thing you want to see is a crop that’s been ravaged by pests. But with the right planning, preparation, and pest control, you can have a wonderful garden that provides your family with beautiful flowers or healthy fruits and vegetables to enjoy. 

To show you how this can be done, here are three ways to protect your garden from pests. 

Build An Enclosure

In some areas, you might have bigger animals that you’re trying to keep out of your garden. Things like deer and other animals love to eat the vegetation of gardens as an easy way to get some food. But since this food is meant for you, keeping them out should be a priority.

To do this, Lucy Mercer, a contributor to the Home Depot Garden Club, suggests that you build some kind of enclosure around your garden that will make it impossible for deer or other critters to get to your plants. By using something like chicken wire or other fencing material, you can create a border around your garden that allows you easy access so you can continue to care for your garden while also keeping out pests. 

Use Other Animals To Help

For some gardens, it’s the smaller pests that you need to take care of. 

If this is the case for you, the DIY Network shares that you might want to use other animals that aren’t a threat to your garden to help you keep some of the real pests at bay. This could include bringing in a cat or dog to keep rabbits or squirrels away. You may also want to get some chickens or frogs to keep different pests or insect populations down. Just make sure that you’ve properly identified what pests are causing you problems and what animal could help address this issue before you just bring in another animal that could prove to be merely another issue you have to deal with. 

Maintain your Garden Correctly

By properly maintaining your garden in the first place, you may be able to avoid a lot of the problems with pests that other gardeners experience.

According to Marie Iannotti, a contributor to The Spruce, doing things like keeping enough space between your plants and harvesting before your crop gets too ripe will drastically help to cut down on garden pests. So if you previously planted your seeds too close to one another, try moving them a little further away so you’re not sheltering any pests that might want to make your garden their home. 

When it comes to getting rid of any pests that you have in your garden, all of the tips that have been listed above are known to be effective methods to try to keep your garden free of all these types of insects. However, if you would like better peace of mind, contacting professional pest control experts may be in your best interest, especially if you want to make sure they are gone for good. With that being said, any of the ideas mentioned on this page will almost definitely help you to deal with any pest issues you have regarding your home or garden.