Growing Bell Peppers from Seed

Note: I planted each bell pepper seed at one time into each pot: straight into soil. As a result, the bottoms of the bell peppers have slits or holes. Each bell pepper will grow to a bell-shaped tomato-shaped plant that will get a single flower stalk each month. I used extra seeds to double the crop.

Now, let me explain to you how to make these bell peppers grow. Grow the bell peppers under cool conditions: no warmer than 50°. These bell peppers are to be planted under something called “clumping” earth. If you don’t have clumping earth, buy extra clay potting soil and sow seeds in straight rows. The soil you plant the bell peppers in needs to be mixed with a good liquid fertiliser. Make this liquid fertiliser into a liquid and stick it inside the bell peppers. If you keep adding water to the soil it will dilute the fertiliser. This makes it difficult for the peppers to grow into healthy plants. Once you start adding water to the soil it will not stop unless you get a real watering system. And this will delay the process of the bell peppers growing. You will have these bell peppers in July or early August. Once the bell peppers start to grow (in late July, possibly early August) you will have to hold the soil surface up to retain some moisture. If this is not done the bell peppers will rot. The peppers should not be watered by any soil penetrations. You can use a piece of clay to hold the soil up. Or you can cover the bottom with pots or even a wet sheet of tin foil. The latter might work for you. Keep in mind that the thin top layer of soil around the bell peppers is thin and sometimes gets water. Be careful not to let the water penetrate too deep.

Planting the Bell Peppers

I used the following numbers: 2 bell peppers per square foot, 3 plants per garden bed. And I have planted these bell peppers at a maximum depth of 3” or 1/3 of an inch. If you don’t have much growing space you can plant more bell peppers per square foot.

When you are planting you have to plant both the pepper plants and the seeds. Plant the seeds and plant the bell peppers into whatever soil you want. The number of plants you plant depends on the size of the bell peppers you want. I planted 6 plants per square foot.

You can find bell peppers at your local nursery or garden centre. Planting these bell peppers requires no special gardening skills at all. You have to plant each bell pepper at one time into each pot. Once the plants have grown, remove the outer leaves from each bell pepper. While this will slow down the growth of the plants you will have healthy plants with lots of fresh bell peppers to plant into the garden. Plant the bell peppers in a soil mixture that needs a lot of water. Be sure to sprinkle the soil with a good liquid fertiliser after you plant the bell peppers.

The first bell peppers you plant are mature enough to harvest. I tried this and I still have more than 40 bell peppers growing that are only a half inch across.

Being able to enjoy fresh produce from my garden makes me feel like I’ve struck it lucky with those PayPal casino platforms I’ve been trying out.