How to choose the right interior design company

Interior designers exist to beautify and give your home or workspace a facelift. They may also work with architects to assist in renovations and creating a custom home that will fit your taste and meet your budget range. If you’ve just had a beautiful Aurora custom home built, you’ll probably want to make sure the interior is as gorgeous as the exterior. This post shares some very useful tips that you can use to identify the right interior designer for you. Additionally, you will learn the differences between interior designers and interior decorators.

Key differences between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

Here are the main differences between these two professionals in their fields of specialization and their work line.

  • Interior designers provide decorating services and have some expertise in structural design. Therefore, interior designers may well work with architects to provide you with your dream home. They also provide design guidance in a structure’s architectural design phase.
  • Interior decorators only assist in aesthetic assistance for constructed structures. Once the entire design is done and dusted, interior decorators are called in to style up space and make other essential selections such as paint, wallpaper, and furniture to put in the house. They also assist in picking out window treatments and other accessories, which brighten up the room.
  • The job description between these two professionals provides a clear-cut distinction between their roles. Interior designers often develop beautiful spaces that are in line with your preference. They every so often include local codes and other regulatory provisions that incorporate environmental sustainability.
  • Their differences extend to their credentialing; interior decorators are not required to have a degree, while their counterparts must have a certificate of accreditation from various bodies such as the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications or the American Society of Interior Designers.

Why should you hire an Interior Designer?

There are numerous reasons as to why you should hire an interior designer. The first reason is that they will handle tons of decisions that need to be made regarding your home during construction. Many decisions need to be made as you build your dream home. This can be very stressful if you do not involve the services of a professional.

Interior designers will also work hand in hand with your construction manager to ensure they deliver the best version of your dream house. As the home builder handles the functionality and constructability, your designer will improve the aesthetic appearance and livability.

Selecting an interior designer

If you have finally decided to outsource, you should start by selecting your style and finding inspiration. It would be best to determine your budget range and how much time you will set aside for your project to be completed. If you have no firm ideas in mind, then you may do the following things to get the interior designer best suited for your project:

  • Pay visits to model home shows and designer shows that come around your area.
  • Read lifestyle magazines that talk about home and living. Here, you will find desirable designs, and you may find a particular one you like.
  • If you have a family member or a friend who has used an interior designer, ask them for a referral.
  • Look up interior designers via accredited organizations such as the American Society of Interior Design.
  • Consult websites like Pinterest and ElleDecor, as you browse through save photos of designs that spark your interest.
  • Look through customer reviews of designers online.


Before making a conclusive decision on what company you will choose, make sure they address your style, give you additional info on any specific details you are after like door and window styles, and then encompass every single detail you want into reality. You can do this by bringing some photos you have collected over time and ensure their design aesthetic is compliant with the theme from your pictures.