Ways to buy a home in 2022

Getting on the property ladder is a big move whether you fancy a small city apartment with a dreamy cityscape view or a big family home somewhere with plenty of space and a great set of schools. Fortunately you don’t have to buy your home through the traditional deposit and mortgage route if this doesn’t suit you.

If you would be living in a town, rents can be quite low whereas, in cities, the rents can be seen as skyrocketing. Buying an apartment in a small town can be considered a good choice as compared to doing the same in a big city. In real estate, a question about buy vs rent often makes people scratch their heads when it comes to finalizing a particular decision on a property. The answer to the previous question might open a pathway to get your desired home either in a town or in a city. Plenty of information available on the internet can help you to make your move and get your hands on your dream property at the perfect price.

Shared Ownership

Contrary to what the name may suggest you won’t have to share with anyone else to get your hands on your dream home. Shared Ownership allows you to buy a share in your property meaning you only have to put down a deposit on that share rather than 10% of the whole thing. You then pay rent on the remaining share that you don’t own which is at a low cost as these homes are part owned by non profit housing associations. You can also buy more of your home over time and climb the ladder at a rate that suits you while increasing the share you own. All these homes are brand new and kitted out in all the top notch bespoke fittings you could need to have your family feeling at home. And shared ownership homes in Hampshire to shared ownership apartments in Acton, shared ownership homes are available right across the country and well worth keeping in mind.

Help to Buy

This scheme is a helping hand towards buying your first property and can really make a difference if you’re struggling to meet those initial payments. Help to Buy allows you to put down a 5% deposit compared to the usual 10%-15% that can be a real stretch towards hitting those savings goals. Help to Buy also provides you with a 20% equity loan for the property that carries no interest for 5 years, making the mortgage less of a stress. What’s even better is you can get help to buy in London but you won’t just receive 20% loan on your property, in London this portion is increased to 40% making your mortgage just 55% of the value of the home.

Up and Coming Areas

One of the best ways you can get on the property ladder is through areas that have seen a whole host of regeneration. From shared ownership homes in Surbiton near to Kingston-upon-Thames and with all the suburban amenities you could wish for, up and coming areas are home to a range of new housing developments. These housing developments are attracting a new crowd full of young professionals and families changing the face of these London suburbs creating a friendly community. And with something for everyone you can get a spacious home in rural Sussex to a city apartment in Croydon with direct links across the capital. With sites such as connectwithhome.co.uk offering some of the best shared ownership and help to buy properties around, finding your perfect home in 2022 couldn’t be easier.