Pet-Friendly Houseplants That You Need to Bring Home Right Now!

Some plants could be toxic to your pets. Dogs and cats love to inquire around the house and check out new stuff that you brought home. Touching or eating toxic varieties of plants can make them sick and if symptoms are not checked on time, it may even prove to be fatal. That’s why you need to research everything about your chosen plant before you buy indoor plants online. Today we are bringing to you some pet-friendly houseplants that you can keep in your home without fear.

Spider Plant

This beautiful houseplant can be kept on tabletops, patios or near your door. No matter what the height of the plant, it will never be harmful to your pets. The plants usually thrive well in low light conditions and even purify the air in your house. You can get bright green as well as variegated varieties of these plants.

Ponytail Palm

This plant is great for accent pieces and can thrive indoors with ease. They are 100% safe for your pets and look amazing too. They grow very easily and are drought tolerant too. You can use them as large floor plants as well.


Bamboo plants not just look good but are also completely non-toxic. They are also very easy to grow. Just give them enough water, low light, and some fertilizer from time to time. That would be enough to maintain the Zen of your home.

African Violet

The houseplant is very easy to grow and harmless to your pets. The African Violet keeps blooming even in indirect sunlight. They like warm locations but shouldn’t be kept in extremely low light. The plants are usually very little and their blooms even smaller.

Burros Tail Succulent

Pets usually don’t mess with succulents, and that could be a wonderful thing for pet owners. They can usually withstand a variety of temperatures and light conditions.¬†Succulents come in a very wide variety and are usually very hardy plants. So, if you want to enhance the aesthetics of your living room by incorporating indoor plants, succulents can be an excellent option. Consider choosing plants such as the black rose succulent and Burros Tail succulent that are unique and can captivate your guests’ attention.

Cast Iron Plant

The lengthy green foliage of the Cast Iron Plant makes it perfect for your living room. However, you can keep it anywhere in the house. These plants are impossible to kill and will handle low light very well. It works very well as a floor plant and is very popular as well. The cast iron plant produces even more beautiful blooms.


These colorful plants add some much-needed beauty to your home and give you bright green foliage as well. The pet safe plants can easily be grown indoors and flower in winter, which gives them an equally beautiful look. Get plants in a variety of flower colors to really make your room shine.

Christmas Cactus

This plant should be kept on tabletops; however, we cannot guarantee that your cat wouldn’t like to go around it. The flowers of Christmas Cactus are enviably beautiful, making them really popular indoor plants. They don’t need too much light and thrive well in winter as well.

You can also get plants like Haworthia and orchids to your home as well. They look beautiful, thrive well indoors and give your room a unique and beautiful look.