Plants That Love Shade More Than They Love the Light

Not all plants demand full sunlight to thrive. Some love to be kept in the shade and can handle everything from lower temperatures to humidity as well. Let’s learn about some plants that can easily be kept away from the light and kept healthy indoors for a long time. 

Rattlesnake plant

The rattlesnake plant is loved by people for its squiggly leaf shape and unusual patterns. It is native to tropical Brazil and can easily handle heat as well as humidity. The leaves have bright green topsides, and their undersides are usually purple which makes them a popular houseplant for people who want more dramatic variance in foliage. The plant needs shade and should be kept in indirect sunlight. It will thrive in your bathroom where there is ample humidity. Keep misting it regularly if it is kept in other rooms. 

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus fern looks beautiful because of its beautiful green foliage. It looks very attractive in pots and hanging baskets and is a perfect addition to any shaded area or a sunroom (which can be constructed by professionals at Sunspace By Relaxed Living –a reputed builder of 4 season sunrooms Edmonton). The plant can grow in full sunlight as well as in low light conditions and doesn’t require humidity to grow. However, the light should never be direct, or the plant leaves will start yellowing. Make sure that you give this plant ample space to spread. 

Chinese Money Plant

If you want to add a cute and distinctive plant to your home in an area where it could get everyone’s attention and admiration, choose the Chinese Money Plant. It has round and flat leaves with a rich and deep green hue. The plants usually grow to about 12 inches, and its woody stems can easily crawl towards the sun to gain more sunlight. Keeping these plants on windowsills are a great idea since they get ample sunlight without the rays falling directly on it. 

Elephant’s Ear

This Philippine plant can be another dramatic addition to your home. It has unusually shaped leaves which are dark green and somewhat glossy. It usually has definitive pale veins and upright stems. Several hybrid varieties of this plant can be found in nurseries these days. The plant doesn’t like direct sunlight, and its leaves are very easy to burn. Therefore, it would be better to keep the plant indoors and place it on windowsills only during winters when the light is already low. 


These bright and richly colored plants love humidity, but they can’t stand direct sunlight. If you don’t mist them regularly, they could be very difficult to maintain. This Peruvian plant is becoming very popular because of its bright pink veins. Sunlight fades the color of their leaves. Best to keep these plants in a terrarium or in your bathroom. 

Dumb Cane

This plant is available in several different variegated form, but its dark green variety with yellowish splashes in the middle is the most popular. The plant thrives in low light conditions. It should be kept on patios during winter and in partial shade where they can receive indirect sunlight during summer. With the right care, the plant can even grow up to 5 feet tall. 

If you have shady areas in your house that can benefit from the addition of these plants, then you need to rush to your local nursery right now!