Plants That Thrive in Your Bathroom

Have you ever seen fancy bathrooms in movies and TV shows that have beautiful plants? Don’t they look absolutely gorgeous? Many gardening lovers ask us about bathroom plants- the type of plants to keep there and how to care for them. So, without much ado, let’s give you the definitive list of plants that thrive well in the humid conditions of the bathroom. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one plant that thrives in many different types of conditions. This plant is extremely difficult to kill. Just pot in a planter of your choice and get going. You can keep it near the window and even forget to water it. If you use home remedies for hair and skin care, or even a CBD Moisturiser (50ml, 500g CBD), you can easily pluck a leaf of aloe, draw out the juice and use it the way you like. Yes, its that simple. 


The marbled, heart-shaped leaf of pothos thrive really well in the humidity of a bathroom. All they need is warm temperature and heightened moisture in the air, which a bathroom is more than capable of providing. They need bright indirect light too, so make sure you keep them near a window where it could get fresh air and light but also enjoy the humidity of the room. The better the conditions, the bigger this plant will grow. You can place them in a pot and regularly trim for a bushy appearance or use hanging planters to retain their natural look. 

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo plants add a sense of peace and calm to your bathroom. They are low maintenance and don’t even need soil. You can change their water every two weeks and add some pebbles to make it look more attractive. The plant doesn’t need a lot of light to grow. So, keep it near your sink and enjoy the beautiful green views. 


Why settle for just greenery when you can bring some blooms to your bathroom? Choose the beautiful Begonia plant. It flowers beautifully indoors and loves fluorescent lights as well. You can keep them on the window with indirect light or in a shady area. Don’t forget to mist the flowers daily if they don’t seem to be doing too well. 

English Ivy

This beautiful plant doesn’t just make your bathroom look extraordinarily fancy but also purifies the air. It can even remove feces and mold from the air, which is of crucial importance in a place like this. The Ivy can trail down from the window or can be kept in a hanging basket where it could thrive in full glory. It is an evergreen vine and doesn’t require heavy upkeep too. 

Cast Iron

Though this plant looks beautiful in most indoor locations, it really blooms well in bathrooms. If you have a neutral scheme bathroom, it will look even prettier in a plain planter. The plant is extremely hard to kill and enjoys the lower light of the room. It doesn’t mind extreme heat or humidity and survives even without regular watering. 

Don’t think anymore. Bring any of these plants home and get ready to magically transform your bathroom.